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Well, the usual embarrassing tradition of dressing the Marshall Fredericks “Spirit of Detroit” statue ensues again – because the Detroit Tigers are in the World Series – YO !

I could do without the dressing of the statue ritual though, it always reminds me of people with those cast cement gooses on their porch that come with all sorts of kitschy outfits to dress them in.

The greens guys wardrobe supplied by “Metor Photo”, one of Michigans most gawdawfully expensive photo finisher.

They took forever to get the massive security in place for the Mayor to pop out and say a few loud words – and just before he went up to the podium the sky opened up with some sleet that chased most folks away.

Sorry New York – you’ll have to do without a World Series team for this one year.

Peeps visiting from the Birthplace of the Blues – St. Louis, Missouri – WELCOME TO DETROIT !

5 Responses to ~WORLD SERIES~

  • Ha! Meteor has another location (here in the Dirty South of all places) that is also super expensive. A few years ago, they started shipping everything to the Detroit office for a super long turnaround. I bought a DSLR not too long after that policy was instituted. I guess the wardrobe explains the high prices – that amount of cloth isn’t free!

  • I dont understand why anyone would be opposed to the tradition of dressing up the statue. I think its alot of fun, honors our sports heroes, gives people something to talk about, and anyway the spirit of Detroit is our sports teams.

  • Many, many years ago (sometime in the 60’s)someone (or a group of someones) painted a set of green footprints from the Spirit of Detroit over to the Passo di Danza nude in front of what was then the Michigan Consolidated Gas Building. Go Tigers!

  • Right you are Mrs. Funk. I was in Brussels, Belgium last month, and there regular sized men dress a little statue of a boy that pees into the fountain below it up in costumes. At least it’s not just us that is wierd…

    Go Tigers.

  • Something odd about watching little men dress a giant man statue… Go Tigers!!!