not all those who wander are lost

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  • Yep yep – called “sandy loam”, this region was largely swampy, marshy wet lands before it was drained off to be developed. My home is right near Lake St Clair, and everything around here sinks and all the foundations crack. All built on this sifty sandy shit.

  • It looks like the soil had way too much sand. Odd. Thanks for sharing these DFunk.

  • Craig – that tree did blast a few headstones, really did a number. Here are some pics of the damage:

  • Great shots. Wonderful old cemetery. Can you tell me more about #6 with the fallen tree? It appears it narrowly missed a few headstones and obelisks. Did it hit anything further up that we can’t see? Is that a pulverized headstone in the lower right? Yikes, I hope they can fix this one and keep anymore trees from doing irreparable damage.

  • Love the guarding gargoyles!!

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