not all those who wander are lost

Detroits WinterBlast thing was almost ruined this year by….uh…winter. Heh. They spent a week making fake snow, and the night it opens we get 12 inches of snow at a rate of more than an inch an hour. There was no place to put it, and the dirty secret is, Detroit steadfastly refuses to plow or shovel – period. Hey, it IS a lot of work.

Snow sculptures in front of the abandoned National Theater on Monroe. Nothing short of surreal.

Now Playing:Hot Products….I thought this was WinterBlast ? Or is it HotProduct Blast ? I must have been on the wrong street.

Snow sculpture of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Ice sculptures.

The michigan dot org snow slide.

This is about anyone was really doing. That is, standing in line for hours to go down the slide. See, you invite 100,000 people to come to an event with 4 things to do that accommodates maybe 35 or 50 people at a time, ya get a big mess.

Wow – Ive never seen a no smoking sign outside before…

Warming tents are pretty much the story, they were everywhere. More “hotproducts” being rammed in your face inside.

Motorhead – get it ? Blockhead. Whatever.

Probably the best snow sculpture, although it looks easy enough to make.

Certainly the worst sculpture – at least the gayest.

Henry Ford stopped by to give kids (with money) rides.

The new SUV hotproduct debuted at this years autoshow – the Sodomizer. Designed to actually drive up the ass of the car in front of you. Guaranteed to cause normal motorists to urinate in terror at the site of this beast.

marshmallow roasters filled the sky with acrid smoke.

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