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  • usually shooting bw and sometimes i edit. i use a lot of digital color filters for bw.

  • Do you shoot in black and white or in color and then edit it? Just curious.

  • You are welcome Good Morning ! That was one I could take care of very easily.

  • Thank you so much Detroitfunk!!

  • I dont know where Marshall lived in Warren, but I know where the MM LP house is. I’ll post it.

  • I too appreciate the B&W photography. I find it interesting that in some B&W shots of natural outdoor settings during the winter in this part of the world (such as 8th shot down), they sometimes have little difference in appearance with color shots. Most everything appears black, white and shades of grey anyway. I miss those wintertime outdoor excursions “back home”…enjoy the dramatic changes in the seasons, folks.

  • Good Morning Detroitfunk!
    Awesome Blog!!
    Can you please take some pictures from Marshall Mathers Old House (Marshall Mathers Lp Cover) at Warren? :)
    Thank you!

  • Its in Lucky Place Park – right here:

  • hey i know that sideways tree! thing’s like a movie prop…

  • WOW!!! These pictures are EXQUISITE!!! I LOVE black and white photography…always have :) And what an eye you have for photography!?! These pictures are beautiful and speak volumes to me! :) Please, please, please keep it up dETROITfUNK…stunning! I really love all of them…I’d find a way to display them all; if I could only choose 1 it would have to be #8…there’s just always been something about the beautiful and tragic stories a weathered tree that’s still standing holds…and you caught it perfectly!!! :) :) :) Thank you dETROITfUNK!!! :) :) :)

  • Thanks robert – yes, I definitely need to do more, I really like b&w – I just forget to do it while I am out taking pictures.

  • #6 and #8 are excellent. More b&w please.