not all those who wander are lost

Windmill Point Manor – this is a 1920’s apartment building on the infamous Alter Road border between Detroit and Grosse Pointe Park. It sits near the Alter canal system just a few blocks away from where Lake Saint Clair flows into the Straits of Detroit.

Just look at this gorgeous woodwork on the main entryway door.

The best part of this structure are the Corrado Parducci sculptures flanking the main entryway.

This structure sits just across the border from Grosse Pointe Park and the Windmill Point Park at the end of Barrington Road. Now, there is a lighthouse on the Detroit side of the canals, and I know there used to be a mental hospital facility on the Detroit side as well – but does anyone know if there was ever an actual windmill near the canals ? Its highly likely for a number of reasons. When I was in the Netherlands I learned that the windmills were used to pump fresh ocean water through the canals that criss cross that country. Im wondering if such a device was once used to maintain the Alter canals for some reason.

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