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From the U of M website:

The striking Gothic-style buildings that form the William W. Cook Law Quadrangle include the Lawyers Club, with residential facilities for approximately 260 students, most of whom have private rooms; the Legal Research building, which contains the magnificent Reading Room, the Law School’s Center for International and Comparative Law, and faculty offices; a modern underground library addition, the Allan F. and Alene Smith Library, regarded as an architectural tour de force and the fourth best law library in the world; and Hutchins Hall, with classrooms, seminar rooms, and faculty and administrative offices.

This is the arch and main entryway through the Lawyers Club building

Tomorrow we will infiltrate……..I mean,..go inside the law buildings to check out some of the interiors.


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2 Responses to Cook Law Quadrangle

  • Wonder why they didnt select a local architect for that job. Detroit had at least 20 at that time who could have easily done it.

  • Yeah, I dont think I want to go down in any steam tunnels. Getting steamed to death like a lobster is not exactly how I wanna go. lol

    The Law Quad has dozens of grotesques and gargoyles all over it – those get their own post later. Couldnt resist sticking the little dude on the cartouche up there though.

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