not all those who wander are lost

Whats this bug ? Baby cicada ? It looks like it thinks its a badass, whatever it is.

[ via AIW, eric the bug guy adds this identifying info to our mystery bug: “Tiger bee fly,” Xenox tigrinus, in the family Bombyliidae. They are, in the larval stage, parasites in the nest of large carpenter bees (Xylocopa species). So, you often see the adult female flies flying around areas where carpenter bees are nesting (like under the eaves of houses).]

Odd ghettoflower.

Its the lady from the PBS Detroit show.. Sort of a cheerleader tour of city stuff.

5 Responses to Wild Life

  • Thanx so much for the Obama at North stills. What a weekend! Detroit Funk is a glorious site.

  • Who can pay attention to Horseflies and trumpet vines when there’s the PBS lady to lo-ok at?

  • Didn’t know Horseflies were in Detroit. Assuming that’s what it is. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered one in a city before. They bite to feed (suck blood) but don’t have any defense (much like a mosquito – but big).

  • ghetto flower=trumpet vine

  • That looks like some type of horsefly to me… and if one’s ever bitten you, then you know… he IS a bad ass! LOL