not all those who wander are lost

Why go to hell when we can have so much fun right here in Detroit ?

Stop here to get your all your jesus and butchered meat needs.

Mmmmm..Chili Fries painting.

Fried finger fence

Farout..Fars on the deep Eastside.

Stopped at the blown out trailer park but didnt enter it today. Looking as forlorn as ever.


Just a….well it is what it is – I cant explain.

Then we stopped for a bite to eat in the Cass Corridor. We looked at some nice paintings that were hanging there and ate our sandwhiches. Me: cowburger. Pedro: steakfish sandwhich.

2 Responses to Why go to Hell ?

  • wowsers ~

    The mighty Lowell !

    No harm intended, I say unintentional stupid stuff all the time here. The use of the word “cartoon” more accurately reflects my “altered” state of perception at the moment. Thats why we were so damn hungry ! lol

    Come to my show at the Detroit Rep on Feb 22 and call my shit cartoons if you want to get back at me – hahaha

    I’ll send you an email invite today.

    Hey, I think I saw you one day there at CC – I was having a meeting with some guys and didnt speak up. I think you were sitting behind us though.

  • Then we stopped for a bite to eat in the Cass Corridor [sic]. We looked at some nice ~cartoons~ that were hanging there… Cartoons? Harumph… :)