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Whistle Stop Hobby and Toy Center on Harper Avenue in St. Clair Shores

Hey – anybody on the East Side doing some Christmas or Hanukkah shopping for the little nippers, you have to check out this little toy and hobby shop. Mrs. dfunk swears by this place, and she’s got the coupon cutting chops to know.

The dirty little secret is that the big box toy stores are NOT always cheaper. In this case, not at all. Some toys here are more than 30% cheaper than at Toys R Us.

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The thing about big box stores is that they are merely huge, and that does not mean they have more variety than small stores. ( Mostly they just have a lot of what they have. )

This little place is packed to the gills with a wide array of wonderful toys, all very neatly displayed.

Toy stores are supposed to be fun, magical places – and this store does not disappoint.

Personally I like to support small businesses like this one. I will go out of my way, and even pay more, to shop at a quality retailer.

And at this toy store, chances are – you’ll pay LESS.

And did I mention free gift wrapping ? (under 24′)

Check em out.

2 Responses to Whistle Stop Toys

  • I agree, this is an awesome hobby/toy store. When I was a kid, my dad and I would get all our Lionel train accessories here. Man that brings back memories!
    I’m going to have to make a trip here and do a little christmas shopping.

  • This is a GREAT store. When I was younger and living in GP I would always love to spend birthday / xmas money at that store. They always had a better selection of models and trains then anywhere else.

    So anyone who has never been there, take some time and stop by, because you will find some items that you will never see at any big box store.

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