not all those who wander are lost

This is for LeoQueen who requested a shot of the MEDUSA CEMENT red letters. This is shot just days before the letters came down for the complex to be demolished.

Heres the complex close up as it experiences demolition

“the ball”

I was able to creep around a bit, but was unable to locate any remains of the famous red MEDUSA letters – I think they were removed to another location.

Piles of steel reinforcement rod

2 Responses to Where are the red letters?

  • Greast shots. I used to work at the RenCen and the Medusa Letters gave the plant some character. I wonder if they are in a warehouse somewhere. Perhaps they’re on eBay!

  • Thanks for the images of the Medusa letters! I have a photo somewhere that I took last summer while my daughter and I were riding our bikes in the park by the silos. It was beautiful out, bright and sunny, and the Medusa silos with their red letters were so glittering and monumental! I will miss them, just as I miss the big red GENERAL MOTORS letters on the Grand Boulevard complex.