not all those who wander are lost

Just finished this new canvas the other day. Its about 3.5 X 4.5 feet. The location is an old cemetery in Wheatfield Township on top of a hill.

Most of the surface is pretty complicated and thick – piles of paint on this bad boy. Hard to photograph paintings with extreme surface textures, really a must see in person.

7 Responses to Wheatfield Township

  • I have not seen your painting for quite some time so I’m really glad you’ve included the new works on df!

    I’m also blown away from listening to the samples of your new CD, rock on….

    Thank you for being so generous and sharing your visions and talents!

  • really beautiful work!

  • Hey j –

    Ive got a couple other shots if the seahorse, but thats the best one. Those critters are really shy.

  • Wow!

    I’m looking foward to putting up the seahorse photo of yours (to hopefully replace the gadawful print of Guernica). Do you have other photos of that seahorse against the purple sea-fan?

  • Very nice. A true artist in many ways you are! Hope all is well dfUNK. Peace from DSP.

  • Hey-o Funkio…

    Nice job, good to see you back on the canvas.

  • Now that is beautiful. Nice Job!