not all those who wander are lost

More in the dFUNK bicycle journeys across the Grosse Pointes…

The Grosse Pointe Memorial Church. 1927, by architect W.E.N. Hunter. Neo-Gothic in limestone. Stained glass by the famous Willet Studios of Philidelphia (same company that did the glass in Epiphany MS Lutheran Church on 7 Mile and Woodward featured earlier). Adorned with Pewabic tile and wood carvings done by German artist Alois Lang.

The tower houses a 47 bell carillon.

Seeing how this is supposed to be a church, I have to say whomever it was who decided that it was necessary to post this sign will have a specially hot place in hell waiting for them. Apparently this church belongs to Grosse Pointers and not to Jesus Christ.

Ahwell, again, gotta keep riff raff like me out of such nice places.

Lets take a look at some of the Willet glass that I greedily snapped pictures of like a child stealing candy at the dimestore.

Country Club of Detroit

Racking up yet another place I really was not allowed to “trespass” upon, the Country Club of Detroit . Located in the Pointes, not Detroit.

Originally designed by Albert Kahn, but most of that original structure aside from the kitchen areas burned down.

That is a MOST unfortunate water fixture in this fountain sculptures mouth.