not all those who wander are lost

I stopped in the Detroit Dry Dock Engine Works building to look around. Its such a huge interior space, the noises in there are unreal and cave like. Birds of all kinds made other worldly sounds. This is of course the building where a young Henry Ford learned machining skills. You might think such a place would be preserved.

“1892” still under the wooden flag pole hilt.


Or is it 62 ? 52 ?

A fashion photo shoot on the rubble of the Screw Factory

Remember this stretch of Merchants Row on Woodward ? Starts with the Fred Sanders storefront on the left (beauty supply).

Parking lot now.

Madison Lenox Hotel ? Soon to be a parking lot.

3 Responses to Dry Dock Engine Works

  • I was being sarcastic.

    As a country we’ve been subsidising suburban expansion at the cost of our cities and their architecture.

    The dilemma I’m faced with is this. Which is worse, a Detroit full of decaying architecture or a Detroit full of asshole Yuppie pigfuckers?

    I mean visit Portland, who needs that!?

  • I understand your comment, but at the same time, wouldn’t we perserving a history of decline? Wouldn’t the preservation of many of the buildings in Detroit become a catlog of the city’s fall?

    Is it all a bit much for simple Super Bowl parking? Yes. Does it provide any real sense of future development? No. Is it probably all the city can afford?

  • Hey, the white-flighties gotta park somewhere when they visit downtown. Why not bulldoze some more landmarks? History-shmishtory.