not all those who wander are lost

Shoot an unarmed guy in the forehead, get yourself a billboard… yuh.

I remember when the Kid was selling tapes out his trunk in Royal Oak. Guy’s huge now.


Yeah – this ladys face makes me just about drive off the road when I see it – is that an actual human being ?

DET is back ? Where did they go ? And why are they spending all that donated money on billboards saying “We’re Back” ? ?

This isnt a billboard but – OH MY GOD – that graphic is insane.

This is the one that makes me sick. Get Marvin off those damn signs – geez.

13 Responses to What’s Goin On ?

  • Ted Nugent is “white trash”? Puhleeze!

  • Agree on the Proof billboard, pisses me off everytime I pass it. Had he not started it and shot first, might be a different story. He shot first and was standing over the guy preparing to shoot to kill him when he was taken out. True that neither of them should have been there, but that guy was scum, too bad he had to take the victim with him. Glamorizing Proof is a crime.

  • That proof billboard is tragic and MNM should be ASHAMED of hiself. His stupid friend killed a man in cold blood…this poor man was a veteran! I hope his family get a billboard celebrating his BETTER life…God bless this poor man and his family and Proof can go to hell!

  • Farmer John is on Harper right at the corner of Gratiot

  • Where exactly is that Farmer John Food Center?

  • I didn’t see any comment on the Goapele billboard-but that is a great cd. Kind of like neo-soul but with great songs. She’s from California, but JLB broke her with “Closer” from her last disc.

  • Interesting to see the Park Shelton spreading their advertising. They kicked all their apartment renters out a year ago and as far as I can tell there’re no more than a handfull of people moved into the condos.

  • the marvin gaye board pisses me off whenever i see it.

  • Considering Marvin, while in the depths of his cocaine addiction, was murdered by his his alcoholic father. I condemn Henessy for using his image in this fashion.

  • Yeah – Michigan is home of the “dirtbutts” as my friend always says: Ted Nugent, Iggy Pop, the Stooges, the MC5, Alice Cooper, Bob Seger, Suzi Quatro, Eminem, Kid – hahahaha !

    Although I love all these guys.

  • Man if that isn’t a coon picture. Thats wild.. coons and watermelons.. I thought we evolved from that.. Oh well

  • My girlfriend, friends & I were all freaked out by that Casino Windsor Buffet Women.

  • Why is Michigan stuck with the white trash of the music scene? Kid Rock, Eminem, Ted Nugent, etc.