not all those who wander are lost

Damn ! – its the biggest Leather Jackets tag EVER !

Theres been this “LLL” image projected onto various buildings lately. I cant tell which building it originates from, but it looks like The Kales. Anyone know what the deal is with this thingy ? I assume its an ad, which is kinda hilarious. If its NOT an ad its freaking GENIUS !

I walked over to get a better vantage point with my camera on a tripod, and a crazyguy on a bike rides up and says “Is that whats projecting this thing ??” I says “No man, this is a camera…”

Another crazy comes up kind of desperate like, but he didnt want no money or bus fare – he just asked “Hey, do you see that TOO ?” So I says, “Oh yeah, its huge isnt it?” And he says back, all relieved, “Oh thank GOD ! Im just glad you see it too…”

One of the crazys told me they had been projecting the LLL on the Statler some nights too. They were doing midnight demolition for a few nights in a row so it moved over to the UA for a bit.

Midnight shift at the Statler

Woodward at night.