not all those who wander are lost

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“Dr. Z” and DaimlerBenz-chrysler have been hell bent on creating stooopid ad campaigns lately. Those damn “Dr.Z” commercials on television are instant channel changers in my house. Who thought that the guy who jacked Chrysler in a hostile takeover with his thick and intimidating Germanic accent would make a warm and fuzzy ad campaign ??

Well the latest barrage of Jeep commercials has these creepy bobble heads in them – I suppose thats how they see their customer base, gas consuming bobbleheads. Downtown they decided to cover the contoversial Wyland whale mural with a banner ad which has a bobble head posing with a Jeep superimposed on a skyline of Detroit (that is for some reason inverted backwards).

Im not a fan of Wyland or anything but damn, this is ugly.

Meanwhile – I believe the Comerica Tigers continue to kick ass in the baseball world. Although Detroit has become the home of the “near miss” as far as championships lately.

Comerica Park

5 Responses to Whales or no Whales?

  • I give that ad a week. I’m sure a vandal will tear it down or light it on fire.

    The whales are ugly, but what I can’t understand is why didn’t the design the building have windows on that side.

    Can you explain that to me?..

  • “No such thing as bad publicitiy..”


    Go tell Mel Gibson that – is he a genius at marketing too ? We’re all talking about him these days. I dont think this will negatively affect any Jeep sales, but it wont help them either.

    No Jason, I hadnt noticed the CMP ad coming down. Hey, if they have to have ads, at least make them more sophisticated that a damn bobblehead and an inverted skyline. That Cadillac ad next to the State/Palms with the photographers hanging off it is pretty cool. (Same marketing company installed that.) The Jeep people are sucking lemons on this one.

  • Any idea what replaced the Pontiac add in Campus Martius Park? I saw them taking it down about a week ago.

  • I think the Jeep ad is genius. Not because it’s a good billboard or anything, but they had to know that it would get a lot of people all upset about covering up the whales, so it would create a stir, which would lead to media/blog coverage. (I see it is up on detroitblog as well) No such thing as bad publicitiy…

  • D- thank for great shots again. that jeep ad is abysmal. does anybody even say “totally” anymore?

    love the comerica park stuff. my wife and I got engaged there- in a december snowfall of ’00. she would have killed me if I tried it during a game.