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The West Canfield Historic District

One city block between Second and Third streets. All houses are C19 built between 1870 and the 1890’s. The styles range from Queen Anne to Second Empire and Gothic Revival. This area became Detroit’s first historic district in 1970 and was also added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

Let’s take a look at a few of these beautiful houses – many undergoing a new round of restoration efforts,

The “W.WATTON” home.

5 Responses to West Canfield District

  • Wow, what a beautiful neighborhood!

  • THe first house on this post, the duplex that looks like its made of castle blocks, its the last house on Canfield on the south side of the street…I tried to buy that place at least a half dozen times…but no one wants to admit to owning it…even the tax rolls are wrong (big shocker)…what are the chances you knkow something I don’t? (I hope they are good chances…)

  • Great shots Mr. Funk!
    I lived at the end of that block in the carrige house next to the old Dairy Queen twenty years ago. The houses have sure come along way since then. Long live preservationists!

  • I came to this site through vision’s site…..I jsut have to say i admire your work immensely….i eventually would like to get into black and white photography of the city….
    I love this stuff…. :)

  • With all the images of decay and demolition – don’t get me wrong, I love your coverage of that – it warms my heart (gosh that sounds gushy) to see these fabulous old homes being preserved.