not all those who wander are lost

We buy gold ladies…Step right in.

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  • Yeah I agree Farrer – the gold prices are artificially high in order to collect all scrap and coin gold from the public right now. It is being sold by our central bank (Federal Reserve) to China’s. With prices so high, much like coal and oil sands, gold excavation is in over drive, and the gold mines are coming up with tons a day. Basically there really is not justification for current prices, other than to have everybody empty their pockets for paper money, which we know is worth about as much as the literal paper it is printed on.

  • Frankly, I like this much better than the TWO (NB & SB) placard-wearing, sign-waving, cat-in-the-hatted guys nearby me here in FL. I just cannot believe there is enough gold impulse selling to justify paying two guys for 40 weekly hours of this “labor”. They’re not young and both have at least one knee brace on.

  • Yeah – my computer system got whacked by a nasty virus. Had to rebuild, reinstall etc. Took me out of action for a week. I was looooong overdue replacing my main machine too, so I went ahead and did that.

    Much good stuff coming up now that the weather is thawing !

  • Where’s 007? Hey dfunk, did a portly asian dude try chucking a chapeau at you during the photoshoot?

  • Glad to see you are back!

  • It’s definitely attention-getting. Two points for that!

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