not all those who wander are lost

Finally getting some warmer and milder weather up here in Detroit, so one of the first places I always think of when I want to go for a long walk is the Packard Plant. In later years it has taken on a strangely relaxed park-like feel, where you often meet various other folks leisurely strolling about whilst gazing at the sites in the complex.

I went out on Saturday afternoon, and sure enough saw all sorts of people while I was in and around.

One guy I met was taking photos, we talked a bit and wound up exploring a few of the office halls on the north end. Great guy, just enjoying the nice day – and decided to check out the legendary Packard.

At one point I met some nice people while I was looking for my backpack. I got too “caught up” in what I was doing and set it out of view for a few minutes. These folks were prancing along drinking beers and having a merry stroll – not too much for chatting though.

Other people you meet might just nod and continue on their way. This happens a lot.

Sound like Grand Central Station ? Check out the footprint patterns in the dust. It is like this all over the Packard, a constant flow of people. I almost come to see the people looking at it, more than to look actually at it. The train station is like this too, but Packard is huge and open so it has more variety.

This is the top of the skywalk across Grand Boulevard.

Starting to cave in.

This is the other major skywalk – two lanes, two levels. Scrappers cut the I beams on the lower level and collapsed it.

Here is the view looking down into the collapse.

Here is the whole bridge from the side. That collapsed bridge is sitting on a public street, by the way.

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