not all those who wander are lost

I went the other day to check out Visitation Catholic Church.

Walked up and started taking photos of the building from different angles….

When all the sudden I turn and see about 6 different tails wagging above the top of the weeds in the field just behind me. (this picture was taken after they were a good distance away)

I flanked them very wide and made my way out of that area completely…. Nothing worse than a large pack of ghetto dogs.

Some pretty stark landscape around Visitation, a lot of ghetto prairie with lonely structures jutting out here and there.

Like this place, located on the road behind Visitation. I figure I’ll skip the field full of ghetto dogs, and venture over to this apartment building.

“Cathedral Manor”

Annnnnd this is the last shot I took as I realized I was now about 4 feet from ghetto dog skulking in the bush … The thing looked like it used to be something like a Rottweiler.

The great beast snorted and then turned its back on me, disappearing back into the thick brush.

I accepted his mercy and got the hell out of there.

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  • Attended 1-5 grades there and I do remember Monsignor Markey! Big Irish guy who made made quite an impression with his cape swinging as he marched through the halls of the school. My favorite teacher was Sr Lucia – have never forgotten her.

  • Our family grew up there and we (all five of us) graduated from Visi. My sister was a Dominican nun rw

  • St Agnes looks like it was a great school in it’s day, such a shame what happened there.

  • Bill Campbell . graduated from Visi in ” 62″ lots of fond memories .I came from St Agnes school further down 12th street that parish is also in ruin`s

  • I also graduated from Visitation, and I went back to visit the church when it reopened as an art gallery in 2016- very surreal experience. Visi was a good school and, looking back through old year books recently, I read that it was accredited by the University of Michigan the whole of its existence. I hadn’t known that when I was a student there.

  • My husband and I graduated from Visi… many good times and fond memories….got into a little trouble at the “Goodie Shop” across the street!

  • Also made our first communion and confirmation there.
    I am now 75 years old.
    Would like to hear from anyone that remembers Father Marky.
    I have a few letters from him
    Linda Tuttle

  • I and my siblings attended Visi in the 50’s
    Farther Marky was the priest then.
    A very no nonsense school and not very good memories..

  • I graduated in “61 and got married there in 75″. I played on the High School Basketball team 59″ 50″ 61”. Such wonderful memories.
    Kelvyn V.

  • St Visi !

  • Great Memories 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade, had a blast

  • I and my brothers & sisters all went to Visi in it’s better years, God bless that place& all the neighbors& friends we knew….good memories,great. Memories…

  • Poor Visi. A wonderful school community before its demise. Great memories from the late 40s and 50s. Rest in peace.

  • I made my first communion at Visitation in 1934 and was confirmed there also. Last time I saw it was in 1967, after the riot. Someone scrawled “soul brother” on the walls, and “burn baby burn” on buildings nearby! So sad! It was my parish until I moved to Los Angeles in 1950.

  • You should probably get a prevetative rabies shot, DF. I wonder if the dogs would eat the camera too.

  • My friend and I were gawking at that Cathedral Manor when I had to slam on the brakes or else I would have hit a pheasant scurrying across the road.

  • It’s so sad to see the abandonment of Detroit, especially the old Catholic churches.

  • My God!

  • Sad to see Visitation falling down. I lived across Webb from it in the early 80s and so much is gone now including the rec center and pool that stood behind the rectory on Burlingame, which is also the same block ole Bill Bonds grew up on.

  • That one was a Brindle Pit Bull.

  • The brown one in _1054 looks like a freaking hyena!

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