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As promised, more film scans from the archives. These are views from the top of the Donovan Building, a.k.a. Motown offices. This roll is from 2005.

Here is Cass Tech High, still not looking that good even in 2005. I believe it had evidence of Meth labs inside at this point in time.

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  • dfunk, thanks for posting all the photos of the donovan/sanders building, aka motown offices. my dad worked for motown in the late 60’s/early 70’s in that building and the photos brought back a lot of memories. we used to watch the thanksgiving day parade from berry gordy’s office. sure wish we could have rummaged through that building before it was demolished. keep up the great work!

  • I’d argue and say cass is looking pretty good in the picture. Not even a half year of abandonment. It is in excellent condition compared to what it is now (or right before demo started)

  • These pics are from 2005 – Chin Tiki was demolished by Ilitch (Olympia Entertainment) for a surface lot.

  • dfunk, I see Detroit has some W-I-D-E open spaces. HA! What’s the chances of getting a closer look at Chin Tiki? All things Tiki have been on the upswing of late.

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