not all those who wander are lost

Let’s go back in time and take a birds eye view look at Brush Park from the top of the abandoned ruin, The Carlton.

The Carlton is now a fully functioning building with people living inside, one of the success stories.

And this is the shot that everybody crawled up this old place to take…The Lucien Moore house framed by the skyline.

This was around the time they found the human remains in the elevator shaft.

Several of these buildings are gone now.

Several of these are gone now too. That is Ransom Gillis on the corner, sans roof.

And our recently deceased friend, The Luben.

Here is the Lucien Moore house at ground level.

This set of apartment buildings were across from Ransom Gillis.

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  • Yeah, many photographer are very sensitive to that – and so long as you come with that attitude about visiting, youll be fine. People here dont want to be gawked at – we live here, and not everything in this region looks like WW3. People come from other cities, states and countries to see Detroit, and it is actually a type of respect – and I personally feel that there can not be too many photographs taken of the current conditions. Everyone in the world needs to see whats happening here, and ponder on the causes and the solutions. Artists who are good and true to their craft come here with a sensitive eye, and usually leave with amazing photos of the city and wonderful stories of the people.

    Ruins Porn” is the phrase the media gave to this sort of “gawking” that people are wary of. Being somebody who works in marketing and advertising, I am personally very suspicious of that phrase – because when it is used by media people, it immediately draws attention by sheer virtue of its own sensationalism. “Porn what now ?”…… and then “click” on that story link. It is a cheap tool the media uses for buzz, like repeatedly mentioning MySpace or Facebook – everyone stops like its a dog whistle and listens. So I think that phrase itself is more ‘pornographic’ or exploitative than what it purports to describe.

    A million photographers all carefully documenting something – a million times better. All the more chances for the images of this condition to be seen by everyone in the world, and all the more odds of the imagery surviving time, as the collection is decentralized.

    If you ever do come to Detroit, let me know. Me or somebody else will be happy to show you around.

  • I soooo want to come out to Detroit to do some urban decay pics, but I almost feel like it would be a bit of voyeurism to do so.

  • Very cool, would love to see all the Brush Park pics you haven’t put up yet. Keep rockin!

  • Hey Chris – I did in fact go inside the Lucien Moore house, although there was not much to see. Im looking and not seeing those interior pics posted, so I will dig for them and get them up. I also went inside a few others on that street which are gone now – Ill have to get those all out of the archives.

  • Hey dfunk, I’ve been lurking on the site for a couple of years now, partly because I’m obsessed with the Ransom Gillis house and saw your interior pics of it on here. Were you ever crazy enough to venture into the Lucien Moore house to get pics before it was renovated? Also, do you know if there are any of the interior of the LM now? Thanks!

  • It’s crazy the number of buildings that steadily disappear over the years.

  • Randy,

    Great pic of the Ransom Gillis house and the restaurant behind. Any chance of me getting a high resolution copy?


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