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7 Responses to Vanity Ballroom 2010

  • Surprised to see how much graffiti has been done lately. Such a shame somebody painted these big letters over the Chichen Itza mural.

  • Never saw “touch of evil” but I have long been fascinated with the original steady-cam shots from The Shining.

  • Old Skool – Ive been in this one a number of times which makes it easier. I also didnt have my still camera equipment with me, so not as much worries about being robbed. I have a steady-cam counterweight monopod for the tiny little video camera, made of brass pipe. That makes for a good weapon, as well as smoother long shots.

  • We are coming to town next thur. morning, ’till sun eve. Bringing the Mustang to some of Dfunks hangouts,
    thanks for the sites!

  • DFunk, remember the intro to Touch of Evil with the long tracking shot with audio? The wonders of modern technology gave us your tracking shot with scrunching footwork and no Foley Artists in sight. And who dat on da wall? Nail something. I love the whole Deco/Mayan design of the place. Thank you for the tour. With all the open windows and other openings obviously lots of natural light to shoot in. Hows the pucker factor when you are in a building like this? Ya gotta be concerned about assholes & cops don’t you?

  • Sad to see the demolished architecture that once stood in beauty. Looks like the kids were left without the parents.

  • I hope this isn’t a preview of next week’s weenie roast, lol…