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Dorothy Turkel Residence

Detroit, Michigan

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1955. 4,300 square foot two story Usonian Automatic.


The word Usonia is an abbreviation for United States of North America. Frank Lloyd Wright aspired to create a democratic, distinctly American style that was affordable for the “common people.”

Abandoned and left open for years, now being remodeled. (my choice of words over “restored”)

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9 Responses to Usonian Automatic

  • Yeah, Model D painstakingly missed some details in their article.

  • An article in the June 2008 issue of Model D talks about the “$1.2 million renovation that has painstakingly returned the home to the architect’s original vision.”

  • This project has been mentioned in the news recently, but no photos. What a treat seeing all those amazing square windows.

  • I didnt say it wasnt great to save the building, I just said the remodeled it rather than restoring it.

    Its crazy that there is actually a FLR home right there on 7 Mile Road.

  • Well, at least someone is doing something with it instead of letting it rot like the rest of the city.

  • “Why remodeled over restored”

    Because they chose to remodel the interiors rather than restore them.

    The difference is inherent in the words; but for remodeling you shitcan the original design and slap a plasma screen on the wall next to your jacuzzi. For restoration, you try to recreate the original vision as closely as possible.

  • Why remodeled over restored

  • He has been gone for 50 years but FLW is still ahead of his time. Please follow this one and let us know how it progresses.

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