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  • Dennis – I also explore by myself. Other than Nailhed whose comments you can read here, I usually dont even associate with other “explorers”. (i dont consider myself an “urban explorer”, I see myself as just a street photographer. Urban explorers go way beyond anything I do – that is a lifestyle. )

    Gangs – no not afraid of that at all. (You have to watch your etiquette of course…)

    The thing that people unfamiliar with inner Detroit dont always understand is the massive desolation and abandonment. As a result of the desolation, running across other humans is rare. Running across wild animals ? THATS a different story !

    I encountered no humans at Continental, but I was challenged by a large and pissed off raccoon. Now, that might sound funny, til your face to face with a large wild coon who doesnt want you there. They can be formidable animals – luckily it accepted my offer to skulk away.

    Just the other day I was happily trotting down an alley between houses deep in a neighborhood, coming up on the back of a large building at the end of the block. I was running out of clear alley, so I thought I would cut through a backyard of an abandoned house to get back to the sidewalk.

    Well the 130 pound Rottweiler who lives in that abandoned house had something different in mind. He met me half way through the yard, and I turned on my heel and hightailed it back to the alley.

    The beast took mercy and held his ground.

    Again, its all about etiquette. He was satisfied with my cowardice.

  • nice, sweet vid

    imagine parachuting into that brownfield at night during a blackout.

    in the morning you would be surprised to find that you had actually landed in a city with inhabiants!

    its so big you can only see the RenCen sticking up on the horizon, nothing else

  • Wow, very telling. I’m sure you’ve been asked this ad nauseum, but I’m going to ask anyway. Do you worry entering places like this, or do you have an eye for a place being relatively safe? I thoroughly enjoy your work, but with all the gang related graffitti, etc., one would think dare I say, that you tend to take your life into your hands in some of these places. Not trying to get all heavy or anything.

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