not all those who wander are lost

Pilgrim Church located at Brainard & Trumbull.

Formerly Trumbull Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Architect: Julius Hess.
Built in 1887 in High Victorian Gothic popular during the 1870s and 1890s.

Romanesque features with rich polychrome accents.

Hess also created the Grand Army of the Republic Hall. Built in 1900 and located at 1942 Grand River.
Usually referred to now as the G.A.R.

Richardsonian Romanesque style castle building. Designed as a meeting hall for American Civil War veterans. Abandoned in 1980.

Thanks to Pastor Covington for much appreciated hospitality.

Regionally known for their endangered stained glass windows.

Established one year before its surrounding Woodbridge Detroit Historical District.


Back of Sanctuary, showing stained glass that faces the Trumbull frontage.

Side stained glass window

Opposite side window

Alter and pipe organ

Plaster wall bas relief.

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