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This is at the Packard site, Transformers 3 set with crashed commuter rail car.

This is the crashed rail car set from the other side (I didnt have a long lens for this shot, so this is a really close crop)

Strange looking equipment…Lots of trucks on the Packard lot, as well as in the neighboring business lot.

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  • First of all, you dont know me from shit, and you dont know what I know about large companies or blah blah blah. I registered a complaint with the Attorney General for my own safety.

    RSIG has a high standing with clients ? How do you know that ? Who cares ? How long have you worked there ?

    “Yes you can take photos as long as you are off the property”. Gee, thanks, I missed the part where RSIG now controls what the Constitution says. Somebody needs to tell the rest of RSIG what you just told me, because they dont understand that. By the way, I believe I had no problems with you personally at any time at the Packard site. Ive seen you, but we never had any exchanges.

    If RSIG did nothing wrong to the dozens and dozens and dozens of extremely upset people who have contacted me, or commented on all the other forums and blogs that are also talking about this – then nothing will happen. If they did things wrong, then I expect to see the absolute full weight of the Attorney Generals office to come down on that organization. What does that mean ? The AG would send a letter telling the company to be “nicer”, basically.

    These guys ran my license plates on my cars. WTF ? This means I am going to search out the identities of each of those people. I am only interested in people I came into contact who acted in an aberrant manner.

    It is a bad economy with a lot of competition, there are plenty of professional security companies, that is called Capitalism. The Free Market decides whether peoples services are of value or not. Go try to sue Angie’s List if you don’t like consumer reports on companies.

    And yes, the “fly by night” looking office building with the janky security fence says volumes about the company to me. Appearances are everything, including employees and their behavior.

    Hollywood has nothing to do with this, but I do have one question for absolutely everybody


    Tell Khaki Pants I said “hi”.

  • And what is with the RSIG trolls who cant spell, and make 4th grade grammar errors !!!!

    THERE = THEY’RE,-Their-and-They%27re

  • First off let me say I’m very familiar with RSIG and I’m pretty sure most of what your posting is bullshit, if I’m wrong, my apologies and the problems with the guards will be handled. Yes you can take photos as long as your off the property but if you have a problem with a guard, instead of complaining on a blog, how about you talk to their superior. as far as being “hassled” you can thank not the “locals” but the production, they pay for security so if they ask then to keep you guys away, guess what…..there gonna try to keep you away. RSIG does a lot of work in Detroit, and around MI and have a high standing with their clients, have you thought about the people with families that could lose their jobs if by some strange miracle you did shut down the company just because of a few shity guards that will most likely lose there job anyways? you obviously have no idea what its like to run a good size company with hundreds of employees. as far as your comment on RSIG’s building, its only an office so does it really matter where its at?

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  • I was just down at the Packard Plant today and got the usual collection of shots from my car. Got hassled by a fat guy sitting in his car by the train car view opening, but not like what I’ve been reading on here. These guys are a bunch of idiots! Too bad they’re not still shooting there. Keep up the good work dfunk!

  • Nope. The guy who chased after us was African-American.


    Was it this chipper fellow ?

  • This guy looked nothing like the respectable-looking guys pictured on their website. I’m guessing they hire local folk to cover local stuff, and they use.. local methods.

  • Well, I am much closer to paparazzi than the average folks just stopping to take pics. However, the law is the law, and nobody can control your behavior when you are minding your own business in a legal fashion. I instantly became fascinated with this security company when they were hired to protect the Banksy painting. I dont care at all about the hollywood stuff, as evidenced by the lack of much coverage on my site of any of the productions around town. I was all about observing their behavior toward the public, which was reprehensible.

  • Look forward to seeing the post. I assumed these guys would get basic training on what they can and can’t say/do without getting their asses sued. Maybe it’s a bit much to expect them to differentiate between the paparazzi (?) and a parent trying to get a glimpse of a decepticon for his seven-year-old kid! Crazy abuse of ‘power.’

  • Well everybody hold your hats for the next post Im working on today – I spent a lot of time documenting the security people (I dont know anything about transformers and didnt like the first movie) and the next post will be about their Nazi tactics in our city/county. We all know NOBODY legally owns Packard – anybody who lives in Wayne County pays for that thing and WE OWN IT.

    I had a few guard pics up on this post but took them down so I could focus on the guards and get more material. Not sure if it will be up today, but definitely by monday morning. Theres video to edit too.

  • I wanted my kids to know everything was OK, so I couldn’t be as forceful back as I otherwise would have. They just wanted to see Optimus Prime! There have been So many photographs on the net, I thought they would be ok with some general vehicle pics. From a public street! Really, whoever hires these thugs should be prosecuted. And get your hands off my car!


    RSIG is the company.. I think it stands for “Red Shirt Imperial Gestapo”…hahaha, just kidding.

    Heres a story on the directors website about a lawsuit from his security beating somebody. Pretty sure its different folks, I see the RedShirts at a lot of the hollywood things.

  • Oh man Bananadoc- that is not even funny. Im really sorry to hear that – I can not imagine how hard I would flip out if my kid was in the car when they did their little dance for me, completely over the top.

  • Again: check this out:

    Those are how the law works in each of these situations. Threatening to call the police in order to get you to destroy your images is not legal. That is a legal “tort” which is an actionable infringement on your civil rights. Threatening phantom fines of ‘$5000’ by mail is also not legal – another tort. Saying to an employee of the Detroit Free Press that the property is “government property” is also not allowable by law, since it is a lie told in order to intimidate. These behaviors all infringe on your natural rights when you are on on public property taking your photos. Phooey on these folks, they got a little carried away with all this stuff. None of them ever tried being polite to start with, not at all – just straight to barking out orders.

  • WTF indeed? I wasn’t worried he’d do anything, but my kids were in the car and he terrified them. Hard to believe a production company would employ security guards like this even in Detroit. I’ve been mildly threatened before, but this was bad.

  • “something in the mail” ? wtf ?

  • I drove up and the guard RAN over and behaved like a gansta thug! Seriously way out of line. He demanded I delete my pictures and said he’d call the police. I just smiled and said I would call the police and he couldn’t speak to me that way and to get the heck off my car (he was leaning on it). Man, where the hell are they hiring these jerks from? He got on his radio and said ‘trouble at the gate’… Uh yeah. And then he said he’d take my licence plate and I’d get “something in the mail.” I know their job is to keep people out, but for god’s sake, that is stupid behavior.

  • whaaaaaaaa? holy shit dude. well, I think they started to pack up today. Headed somewhere else for few days, then out of michigan. Tomorrows post will have the recent photos. If you want to email me, I may have photos of the person(s) who threatened you.

  • what is the security guard company? they threatened to shoot me with a .357 today. when i was walking on the sidewalk because my lens was facing the building. it was definitely off, i am not that desperate to have pictures of a train car that everyone already has pictures of.

  • Theres folks at MCS, but I think thats the tv show.

  • They wrapped up filming today at packard Plant but where r they going next in Michigan they are her until next Thursday does anybody know there next location???

  • You are the man dfunk. It’s times like these I wish I wasn’t in Europe and out here so I could see this all go down. There’s also all the activity at the depot: T3, Hostel 3, and apparently a huge action movie is doing something there too.

    But yeah they’re invading our city not only do you have the right to shoot but their sets are out in the open, they can’t do anything about that.

  • I was there today, same routine: stop at front gate – blow off a bunch of photos, guards gets lippy, radios start squawking.. I presented my printout and offered to allow the kid to read the law for himself. He declined. I told him I would be back every day until they are done.

    Got some photos of them lighting the building on fire from across the expressway. I originally posted the stupid security guard pics with the movie pics, but I took the guard pics down so I can give that its own post, complete with video.

    My next trip I am thinking about approaching on foot, on the sidewalk, with video rolling. Cross your fingers that I dont get pistol whipped like the guys in Chicago.

  • Yeah, I know the law, but my bawls are lacking! Ha. I don’t wanna explain my constitutional rights to the wrong guard who’s had a bad day and likes to throw his weight around! But it makes no sense given how many pictures/videos there are of TF3 filming on the net already!


    Print this out and present it to anyone who ever interferes with your Constitutional rights while taking photos.

  • Well you can see the back of the set from across Harper looking over I-94 if you have at least a 200mm lens. As for pulling up like I did, youll need bawls, because they will be right in your face yelling immediately. I am addicted to adrenaline.

  • Was thinking about going down there myself. Any tips/thoughts on not getting hassled?

  • Im saving those for something else. Wanted just the movie photos up first.

  • Where are the rest of the pics that you had on here yesterday? The ones of the “security” guards bothering you.