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5 Responses to Trains and Graffiti

  • The pourpose of not covering the identification numbers is so that there is a greater chance that the company will leave the graff on instead of cleaning it off.

  • i also applied for a job with Norfolk Southern this summer…they had 2 switchman openings listed at what i assume is this yard. i didnt get the interview tho :-

    the railroad is like the mafia…you really gotta know somebody.

  • wow, crazy, i was just thinking about takign a few of these exact photos along John Kronk the other day! some nice skyline action goin on there.

    lol nice shot of the Coaling Twr btw. the Sanborn maps of the old Livernois Yard make the place look unbelievably cool. someday ill have to find some historic photos

  • Hahahaha ! Actually Loosh, now that you point that out it sure looks like the numbers were taped and sprayed over the graff.

  • Kind of cracks me up that the graffiti is careful not to cover the car numbers on the side of the trains.