now with even more funk !

Annual bike tour of Detroit. 2000 + bikers riding from Roosevelt Park and Michigan Avenue near the Michigan Central Depot, through Downtown, Midtown, New Center, the Riverwalk, Indian Village and the new “rails to trails” park, The Dequindre Cut.

5 Responses to Tour de Troit 2009

  • hahaha

    yeah, i have a single speed inline brake Cruiser SS. its a road warrior. lol

    scariest place i have ever ridden is St Clair Shores. Got knocked right on the pavement by a lady in an SUV who charged through a stop sign.

  • aahahah

    yeah i ride a bike too sometimes, but i sure dont ride with my back to traffic…

    also, my bike was free and has no brakes, and 2 working speeds, a fork from some other bike, and a bad tire & rim, lol

  • Hilarious ! You bike hater you – hahahaha ! I ride my bike a lot, but no spandex or any of that. My bike didnt cast $8000 either. heh.

    Yeah, I was actually just going over to Grand Boulevard Methodist to shoot some video clips inside. I get there only to find myself locked out of the East Side by the procession of bicycles, and I also find a huge garrison of Detroit Police swarming the Gratiot / Boulevard intersection. Directing traffic and standing around.

    So I waved at them and walked right the fuck in the building.

    I waved as I left too.

  • yeah nothing more annoying than seeing a troupe of jiggling spandex-clad asses mounted on 2 wheels, aimed at you while youre trying to get to work…

  • ohhhh boy, theyre here…the “bicycle people”, lol

    all ready to take over the shoulders of detroit’s roadways just like they do in the burbs, causing endless motorist exasperation.

    can anyone tell me why they HAVE to be in the way of traffic? cant they just use the opposite side of the road? seems to me this would be not only better for the motorists but safer for them as well, since they would be able to see oncoming traffic. when i was in Boy Scouts they always taught us “hike or bike on the left side of the road so that you can see oncoming traffic.” personally i would NEVER want to have my back to the average Detroit driver…you might as well have a death wish

    at LEAST move over a little bit, dammit instead of riding ON the white line…i mean theyve got a WHOLE SHOULDER, yet they insist on riding the white line where they can pose an obstruction or be hit from behind.

    this is my BIGGEST pet peeve as far as driving is concerned, even more than the assholes who dont know how to adjust their headlights

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