not all those who wander are lost

Here are the latest additions to the Detroit Demolition Disneyland project. The full DDD story can be read at TheDetroiter at this address:

The activists paint their targets with Home Depot “Tiggeriffic Orange” paint as part of a protest against undemolished structures that sit seemingly forever with no attention from local authorities.

The structures are painted bright orange to call attention to this problem – and I expect to see a great deal more as it is a high profile time with the big footyball thing coming to the city of Detroit in February.

These structures are visable from M8 near Hamilton in Highland Park.

I counted six in all. These structures are part of an abandoned subdivision that is literally blockaded and left to rot. I was unable to get too close to the furthest two structures due to a large pack of ghetto dogs whose attention I caught while trudging through the field.

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