not all those who wander are lost


Okay, no joke – really, this is an actual warning label on Michael Jackson’s billboard.

4 Responses to THIS IS IT

  • Can’t wait!! There has to be some of those still left. IIRC, Grand River used to have a ton of them.

  • House of Denmark ? Hahaha ! I’ll keep my eyes open for those around town. Im thinking the Livernois Avenue corridor would be a good place to hunt for that motif.

  • Vehicles and a house tumbling down on top of me? I’d be screaming as well.

    It’s nice to have a sign that tells you when you’re entering a pot dealing neighborhood, lol!

    The plywood patch on the Kenny Jones sign turns the “fetching lass” into a post-facial-surgery Michael Jackson!

    Hey dfunk, I remember back in the 70’s and the 80’s the predominant business name in Detroit was either “House of …” or “…World” – i.e., House of Carpets” or Carpet World”. How about a photo tour of any of those that are left?

  • Ha! I wonder what scary images the movie had. LOL!

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