not all those who wander are lost

I went on a fancy theater tour a awhile ago, and got a few cool photos. This is from the State Theater.

This isnt from a theater, but it is from the Hudson’s building.

Face of the Fine Arts building, former housing for the Adams “jump theater”.

This superstructure holds the facade of the building for possible reuse.

The remains of the Oriental Theater.

Next stop: Michigan Theater. The actual in-the-theater guides were excellent and informative.

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  • No – not stupid at all -these fragments are in the utility level of the apartment building right behind the UA building – the theater is demolished, and is now the parking lot for that apartment building. I never knew it was there either – no idea.

  • Hate to sound stupid.. but I thought the Oriental was demolished years ago. Where were the photos taken?

  • haha, i’m working in the michigan building as i type this. well “working” is a word i use for just being at work.

  • Nope – Ive never seen the Oriental before, so that was certainly fun to go in there. Everywhere else Ive been in before at one time or another.

    The unscheduled “washington boulevard” tour is not one I would ever pay to hear on purpose – heh. Preservation Wayne is cool and everything, but some of those people are all about “listen to me blaaaaaaaab”. No thankyou.

  • Dfunk, This is why I usually stay far, far away from tours altho sometimes they can come in handy. the Oriental looks interesting, have you done that one before? I don’t recall it. The Michigan probably looked real good before they turned it into a garage. Whenever I take a shot like your leadoff my wife looks at me like I am some sort of crazy person when I lie on the floor to get max view of the ceiling. What? It’s the best way to get a shot and is easier to brace.

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