not all those who wander are lost

This theater was to be the third one in the Masonic Temple, but the Great Depression cut it short. There were a number of things that never were completed, including the top floor.

The theater would have served only 3rd Degree Freemasons.

The back rooms on the top floor dont have anything too interesting in them.

Here are some initials that were embedded in the masonry.

The front of the top floor reveals the top of the gothic windows

A few window views from various locations..

4 Responses to The Unfinished Theater

  • Yeah, and the front window shots are from “7M” – both top floors are just flat black.

    (each floor is paired with a Mezzanine level.)

    Only place higher was the elevator room, which they cant let you in due to insurance issues.

    The doors to the roof were bolted – D’OH !

  • Very cool none the less.

  • I certainly didnt have full access, and I was escorted to all the places you see by the very generous Freemasons.

    They have lectures in the library, and they show you around afterward. Pretty informal.

  • How did you swing the all access pass? Love that place. My dad used to tell me about going to dances in the ballroom in the basement, and that they also rollerskated there too.

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