not all those who wander are lost

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  • Oh I know Mac, and the people there are so cool too. I was there to see a show by Todd Erickson, and it was at a time when nobody was around upstairs. I’ll hit it right one of these days. So little time, so much to see.

  • The Scarab doesn’t need that kind of ‘touring’. We were shown around the top floor by Treena who was happy to introduce us to the artists in residence. Their studios with their huge windows and mezzanine lounges are worth recording.

  • if by “tour” you mean creeping around the building until somebody noticed I was there and asked me to leave, then no – I did not get that far. Hahahaha !

    actually the people there are really nice and not as paranoid as some places.

  • Did you get to tour the artists studios on the top floor as well? They’re pretty cool places to hang out.

  • Wowsers. Thanks Funkster, I’ve never been inside. It’s quite the place.

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