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This post is the theater and murals from The Players Club.

I know a couple people who will really be into this, SNWEB and definitely Chris.

The Players, founded in 1911. This club house was built in 1926.

William E. Kapp: Architect

Corrado Parducci: Stone Sculptor

Paul Honore: Muralist

Sixteenth century English Renaissance.

Continuous use as a playhouse throughout its entire history.

I apologize for not having my regular camera, these are with a point and shoot. You can get the idea of the pure majesty of this place enough from these snapshots, it really is incredible.

Flats and rigging

Here is a charcoal drawing of one of the Players formal black tie events held in the theater. The events are every bit as formal today.

This is a similar viewpoint to the drawing.

This is looking toward the front above the stage.

This is the Paul Honore mural that got the $2000.00 make over. What a powerful image.

This urn contains ashes of former Players !

Let’s take a look back stage

You can visit the Players Club website by clicking here, learn more about them and maybe stop by and see a show. Definitely one of Detroit’s jewels.

View Larger Map

If you look close on this dingy Google Maps image, you can see the restoration scaffolds, and you can even tell that a few of the Parducci grotesques are missing.

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