not all those who wander are lost

Ah yes, General Kosciuszko welcomes you and your dollars to MGM Grand Casino ! The Polish National was originally famous for saving George Washingtons ass during the American Revolution, but now he is reduced to being a casino greeter.

And hey, who could think of anything better for a poverty stricken struggling downtown area while trying to revive a city ? A casino ! !

One ? How about THREE ! The New Big Three.

My what big Christmas balls they have here at MGM…

The Book Caddy is still in its messy attempt to be reborn. Gotta admit, I never thought this one would make it. Of course, thats not to say that it wont be adandoned again 8 years after it reopens. Without repairing the climate that caused the Book and the Stat to fail initially, who is to say ?

Time ticks away for the abandoned Tiger Stadium. After auctions and looting, it still doesnt seem clear what her fate will be.

I guess nobody could figure out how to convert the stadium into lofts. “Comerica Lofts”…

7 Responses to The New Big Three ?

  • ART IN DETROIT PUBLIC PLACES revised edition by Dennis Alan Nawrocki – page 54, A-29. The original version of this statue was created by Italian-Polish artist Leonard Marconi in 1889, and stands on the grounds of Wawel Castle in Poland. This reproduction statue is a gift from the people of Krakow Poland to the City of Detroit to honor our BiCentennial.

    Kosciuszko is absolutely Polish, and returned there after the Revolution in America around 1784 to fight the Russians.

  • Gen. T. Kosciuszko is Ukrainian !!!!!!! Not Polish!!!


  • On the bright side, Casinos need staff – lots of them. This will give some folks jobs. Happy New Year.

  • Hahaha ! Yeah, sorry for the pessimism, Ill try to brighten it up a bit tomorrow.

  • There is some good news. General K appears to be riding AWAY from the MGM Grand and listening very closely I hear him say: “Do widzenia , ssaki!” That is: “So long, suckers!”

  • Nothing better for poverty than a chance to win big at one of the three casino’s! Yes lets all throw money we dont have into the pockets of the casino owners. I certainly am not from poverty, but you will never see me in a casino all the same.

  • And here I thought 2008 was going to be a good year. Thanks for the uplifting message! Makes me smile to see the Jehova Witness boys out on patrol though. And don’t forget back on Dec 18 NYT said Detroit was one of the 53 not to miss places to visit in 2008.
    Oh yeah. Happy New Year!