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Rapper “Proof” who played “L’il Tic” in Eminems “8MILE” movie was responsible for Marshall Mathers ever stepping on stage. In a fit of irony, he died here on 8 Mile Road in Detroit after proclaiming himself “King of Detroit”.

This is the notorious “CCC” club on East 8 Mile Road where Proof was shot to death, allegedly in response to having shot an unarmed man in the forehead at point blank range. Details are still rather sketchy. CCC is on 8 Mile Road, one block north of Carlisle Street, and next to the MEGAPAWN.

A rather odd memorial to the rap star on a nearby telephone pole – I dont have any idea what this green thing is.

Proof was buried in historic Woodlawn Cemetery on Woodward Avenue.

8 Responses to “The King Of Detroit”

  • Yep – well dont forget fro$ty, Proof had just got done shooting an unarmed man point blank in the head. If he hadnt earned his ticket outta here, I dont know who did.

  • the death of proof was shocking, i never thought he would the one to get shot out of all of them. r.i.p proof. kid fro$ty

  • HOw can anyone feel bad about this creep dying when it went down the way it did? He pistol whipped, shot, and was ready to kill in cold blood. This guy was a great waste of food, water, and air. Anyone can illiterately babble anc swear over canned music, the whole rap scene has become a pathetic joke, it once stood for something. John Lennon was a great loss. Mitch got everything right in his article

  • I see a billboard has gone up along eastbound I-94 in Detroit as a memorial to Proof put up by Slim Shady? What about a billboard in memorial to Keith Bender.

  • Its nice to see that the current state of hip-hop is being influenced by Detroit artists however, you talk the talk, you must walk the walk. The thuggish rap has got to go. Hip hop is about creativity and style, not how bad-ass you and your crew are/is. Mitch Album’s gotta point…read this:

  • Deshaun Holton was an amazing artist. I’m not from Detroit, but I was very much into his music and the news of his death has hit me hard:(

    His death is a great loss for the hip hop community.

    RIP Deshaun Holton

  • I think the green thing is Flubber, from the Disney movie. I have no idea what that has to do with Proof, however.

  • I think that green thing is from the remake of Flubber. I seem to remember dancing green things in that movie. What they have to do with Proof is beyond me.