not all those who wander are lost

So Im in my kitchen a few minutes ago washing dishes. Then I capture this little nature drama outside by the garage. I was just thinking to myself perhaps it was a waste to put out birdseed for the song birds if these nasty pigeons are going to eat it.

Then THIS badass birdie showed up for a snack !

I caught the initial moment of impact

Then the hawk shredded his dinner after checking for the all-clear. Theres still feathers all over the pavement out there.

Mother nature can be a bitch, eh pigeon ?

Okay, help me out with this guy, what do you think :

Red Tail Hawk ?
Zone Tail Hawk maybe ?

This is SouthEastern Michigan mind you – theres probably 1000 hawk varieties to chose from.

For now he is simply


6 Responses to The Ghetto Hawk

  • I saw this same bird get a sparrow in my backyard…where I feed the birds. Did you ever find out what kind he is? I’ve looked online and in my Audubon book and see nothing that looks like him…Red Tail Hawks seem to be bigger. Did anyone confirm the Cooper Hawk?

  • I am a raptor research and education specialist and as i can see it looks like a coopers hawks aslo known as pegeon hawks

  • Right on skinnypeterm !

    I can get behind that assertion. I get lost with all the hawk variations, especially when the males usually turn different colors after maturity.

  • My sister, who knows her hawks being in wildlife biology, says it is a Cooper’s hawk. They commonly prey on smaller birds including pigeons.
    She also said that redtailed hawks don’t have the bands on their tail that this one clearly does.

  • I had a Red Tail Hawk as a pet when I was about 12 years old. He looked a lot like this one. Still, we are talking thirty years ago so that really doesn’t make me an expert.

  • He’s definatly not red tailed hawk, but GhettoHawk sounds like a good enough guess.