not all those who wander are lost

Grand Army of the Republic hall, (aka G.A.R.) built by architect Julius Hess in 1900. (Hess also created the church featured on dFUNK just a few weeks ago, Trumbull Avenue Presbyterian Church.) Richardsonian Romanesque at its finest. Gotta love castle buildings. This is the last work created by Hess as he died during its completion. The GAR has been abandoned since 1980.

Ever wonder what the heck was this thing for ? It was a meeting hall for American Civil War veterans of the Union Army.

Interesting side note: Mrs dFUNK and I went to see the last Star Wars the other day. I had to laugh when they stated the name of the new Galactic Empires army – “Grand Army of the Republic”. Hahahaha !


Akin to the Soldiers and Sailors monument in Campus Martius.

Note the narrow southern elevation profile.

This is the same part of the building on the interior.

Balcony for meeting hall.

Corner turret area

GAR insignia on the floor.

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