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7 Responses to The Friendly Skies

  • I found your site through DetroitWonk’s article today. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your site. Your pics are some of the best I’ve seen and tell a story that many news orgs don’t tell.

  • D I really appreciate this site .. it’s so vivid so real just like my memories .. sometime if we git down would ya give us a guided tour ?

  • Yeah, none of these new “development” plans have any concrete base to them except the new sign going up on the Fox. Would be nice, but I’m hearing it’s coming down as well. The city is partnering with the I’s to sell off the property along with the Statler land. You know what would be nice though? A brew and view or something like that over at the fine arts! Hint, hint. Oh well, we’ll see what the market can sustain. Great pictures again d-fUNK.


  • Those are some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. Well done!

  • Yeah I saw that – its for sale with the building for a time, then UA gets demolished.

  • Have you seen the new signs on the UA Building. It looks like Olympia Development is looking for someone to actually do something with it.

  • Hey, what are you doing up there!

    I work in 1322 Broadway. Interesting to see it from above.