not all those who wander are lost

The former Detroit Free Press headquarters – an Albert Kahn design.

Currently abandoned.

And yet again – check out these details !

6 Responses to The Free Press Building

  • Cassie – to get the higher up designs on the buildings I usually take the image from a long distance with a long mens. (Nikon 80-200mm f2.8)

    Also, at times I take shots of details that are on an angle. In that case I might “straighten” the image in PhotoShop using the “skew” transform function.

  • How do you get on eye level with some of those designs? Wow…

  • Interior shots: yes, I use the Nikon 1.8 50mm a lot. Also the 2.8 Zenitar fisheye and the 2.8 Nikon silentwave 80-200mm. Inside sports like basketball and volleyball or wrestling I stick with the 50mm up close.

  • great pics.. for interior shots are you using the Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens?

  • These are truly some incredible designs. That last one is especially . . interesting, with the hand-held mask and Buddha-faced . . animal? Obviously, loads of imagination on display here. GREAT photos, as always, dFUNK.

  • Very nice. But what do they represent ? I would think the masks of comedy and drama would of course be The Arts.
    The Wheat and Scythe would be Agriculture. Would that be Mecury with the winged hat, physician’s staff and ship?
    What would the ship have to do with Medicine ? Hmmmm