not all those who wander are lost

The “El Moore” in Midtown. A really nice structure with Moorish and Gothic influences, complete with Romanesque crenelated em-battlements.

Since the first time I took photos here, it looks like they are rehabbing or at least mothballing the place.

While I was taking photos, this lady walked by with a young boy. The boy was cute so I said “hi” to him. He was shy, and his mother made him say hello.

Out of nowhere, another woman starts yelling at me “hey white man, why you talkin to that black boy?” Oh jeez. Well this lady (above) walks up and starts chewing me out for speaking to an african american boy, because i am “white”. NIce…. I just kept taking my pictures and talking to her – what a character.

She explained that she was actually “Sug Night” [ Kevin adds: The character in The Color Purple was actually named “Sug Avery” ] from the movie The Color Purple. She also explained that they filmed that movie in the El Moore. Huh ? So I explained to her that Sug Night was a character played by an actor. She kept on ramblin – “what song do I sing white man ? – Sing it to me white man”. Then she explained how in the south her people called white men “peckerwoods”. Real nice.

THEN she starts asking for money. Hilarious. Way to warm me up.

Eventually she rambled on her way. Harmless, but what a trip !

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  • I lived in the El Moore about 10 years ago. My rent was only $295 for a two bedroom apartment on the fourth floor.

    There was horrible industrial tile on the floor when I moved in, so I ripped it up and refinished the wood floor beneath (much to the chagrin of the old lady who lived below me). I also ripped out the fluorescent shop light that provided illumination in the living room and replaced it with a more aesthetically pleasing fixture.

    Other than that, the apartment was virtually untouched, and had many original architectural features, such as chest-high wood panelling, beamed celing, an intricately carved, built-in buffet or sideboard, and gas fireplace surrounded by an ornate mantelpiece.

    I really miss that place. I only hope that whoever is developing it does not ruin the original architectural features.

  • the El Moore and the adjacent lot are scheduled to be rehabbed. There will be an elevator as well as a new wing. plans include space for five, street level retail spaces.

  • Marion “Suge” Night was one of the co-founders of Death Row Records. He’s not really a musician, just a thug.

  • Maybe she’s claiming to be “Shug” Knight, the rap mogul blamed for Tu Pac’s murder. ;)

  • That’s funny. Detroit Style Pride and I were taking some random pics near the Midtown sign on Second last year and while we were getting in the car, this guy walks up and says, “Hey white boy, why you be takin pictures of me without asking. You know you should ask, and you should pay people when you take their picture. So where is my money?” hahaha We didn’t even see the guy when we were taking pics, and he came out of nowhere trying to find a way to get money out of us so he could buy booze at the Tom Boy Market. Good times!

  • that is hilarious about that lady… a trip indeed…

    last time i checked, the El Moore was getting rehabbed and they used to have a sign… i think one of the development websites has it posted as well…

  • What a great building.

    I’ve been told that a site plan is under review for redevelopment of the El Moore.

    Because it is tall enough to need an elevator, the only way the project is feasible is to build wings off of either side that can share the elevator. (I don’t have any idea what they will look like.)

    That lady sounds like the one I’ve bumped into a few times in the neighborhood. She is always racist, agressive, and crazy. She is usually looking for money…or a ride. In Beans and Bytes she kept saying, “You can take a white queen in 3 moves.” (Somebody was playing chess.)

  • You should have said: “Lady, I take my pictures in color, not black and white.”

    Keep up the good work!

  • Just off in her own little world. Or maybe she was in that building when the exhaust fumes entered…

  • Great pics.. lol @ “Sug Knight” The character in The Color Purple was actually named “Sug Avery”. I can’t think of any possible scene that in anything other than a run down “juke joint” type of place.

  • Great pics as always, great attention to detail! Sad that bigotry is still so strong everywhere you go — you would think there is enough problems going on in the world that we could drop the stupid shit. Peace.