“The Devil is in the details” -Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Okay – this is a straight up challenge for Nailhed, who is normally a genius at calling out where I take my architectural detail shots from. Where are these top two taken ?

5 Responses to The Devil is in the Details

  • Naw – The Appoline house is in great shape. Nice little hood that its in really, just west of UofD high.

  • Berry Gordys old place in Boston Edison…hmm, never seen it. guess i havent spent any real time there.

    ive been meaning to drive by Marvin Gaye’s place on Appoline, but thats another area i’m never in. house is probly burned down anyway.

  • Hey, dFunk! Can I take a guess? How about top one is Belle Isle Aquarium and second one is Belle Isle Conservatory?

  • Yeah – Ive been fighting a horrible virus for a few weeks here, stoned on enough otc meds to stun an ox.

    Those are from Berry Gordys old place in Boston Edison. The side of the English Pub.

  • DAMN, dude, you stumped me!
    then again, i aint exactly firing on all 8 right now…