not all those who wander are lost

This guy here is my new favorite !

Dude, I try to steal your little installations for my collection, but your methods are diabolical !

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  • ?????????????????

  • I think it would be as safe as anything else downtown – which has lower crime rates than even wealthy suburb downtowns do. There are cameras, rape lights and call boxes every couple feet. I passed a pretty young woman strolling the park while I was down there, and she seemed quite at ease. (last photo) I passed some bikers and joggers, but all the walkers were women. Its really a very nice park now, but you know some of us will always miss it in its more “primal” state.

  • yeah, look at the malt beast. peep them trees.

  • Is it safe to walk/bike this trail??
    How long is it? Looks like a good start.
    They build’em around here and they get rid of
    everything in sight, very sterile…so the graff
    on this one is really unique..

  • Damn all the good stuff gone, just so some yuppie ass “art” wk. can go up.

  • Yeah, the tiles are sweet. And cemented on for life !

    Notice that first sign says the park will be complete in 2009, but it still doesn’t reach the Riverwalk yet.

  • Its nice, I wonder how long it will stay that way. Love imus’ art. Seems original to use tiles.

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