not all those who wander are lost

Wilbur Wright High School, 1929 – new addition, 1941. This building was decommissioned by Detroit Public Schools and originally had some interest in redevelopment. That faded quickly and now the structure has been left open to elements, graffiti and scrappers. Originally a technical school, Wilbur Wright was a school of performing arts in its final days.

An ironic poster left over from its final days.

The halls and classrooms are now stripped of everything that resembled a school. I crept in, alert to the unnerving sounds of scrappers and their tools working hard on the buildings carcass.

The remaining school murals tell a sad tale of an institution that had once taught gifted children music, art and dance.

Water gushes through many parts of the building.

After climbing to the third floor, I found what I came here for.

Walls torn open by scrappers seeking valuable copper. Perhaps they were dismayed to find only worthless galvanized pipe.

One last view of the soon to be demolished Tiger Stadium as I left the building – the sound of the scrappers was getting closer, and I need to secure my exit.

Rest easy Wilbur Wright. Hopefully they will demolish this building soon, and put it out of its current misery.

6 Responses to The death of Wilbur Wright

  • My shop teacher, Mr Lovstedt would on occasion “borrow” one of those milling machines which were even ancient back in 55, and mill out precision miniature parts for his model trains.. Heat treating was also taught by Mr Wiemer,3rd fl.
    WW unique in-that you went to school for two weeks, then out in industry to work for two weeks, How practical was that !!!!

  • Minor correction to my prior post:Briggs Stadium sits off Michigan of course…My trip to WW involved both Gratiot & Michigan streetcars…And..
    I actually WALKED home one day which was 7-mile Mound Rd area…..WHEW !
    Again-super job on WW photo’s !

  • Attended 1954-56 and took machine shop and spent many hrs on those 2 milling machines in corner.
    Many, many fond memories (Lucy’s donut shop across street) and passing Briggs stadium in Gratiot streetcar each day for 3 years !!
    Thank you for great (SAD) PHOTO’S…

  • Thats too bad about those machines. I would have loved to pick up that arbor press. I guess the city didnt need to make a few bucks off this stuff. Speaking of which, If these buildings are just going to get “scrapped” why doesnt the freaking city take advantage of the stuff the scrappers apparently want. What a waste.

  • I dont know who took the windows out – I do know that scrappers usually go for those frames. Theres also emergency caution tape in all the windows -I guess to keep scrappers, squatters and grafitti people from tumbling out ?

  • What (another) waste. Didn’t the city take the windows out (sure death) or was that the scrappers?