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The Art Center Music School extends from
3957 Cass to 3971 Cass and includes the Art Deco Hamilton Funeral Home completed in 1930 as well as the Robert and Jennie
Brown Queen Anne style home completed in 1891.

This is the funeral home where the body of Harry Houdini lay in state after his death in Detroit on Halloween day in 1926. His body lay in a room of the Queen Anne house, which was the funeral home prior to the Art Deco addition.

The story goes that a man hit Houdini in the stomach rupturing his appendix while in Canada shortly before his Detroit appearance at the Garrick Theater.

Houdini went on stage with a 104 temperature and finished his show. He was rushed back to his hotel after the performance, as this was the nearest location of a doctor, only about three blocks away.

Houdini was staying at the Statler Hotel (soon to be demolished). The Statler was the first hotel in the world to have its own built in doctors office for hotel patrons and employees. This doctor recognized the severity of the condition, and he was rushed to Grace Hospital.

Harry Houdini (original name “Erich Weiss”) died at 1:26 PM in Room 401, Corridor D of the John R. Wing of Grace Hospital in Detroit.
signing doctor was Cleo(?) S. Kennedy residing at 10 Peterboro.

Harry Houdini was 52 years 6 months and 25 days old when he died.

Cause of Death: acute peritonitis from ruptured appendix.

No autopsy, as an emergency operation at Grace determined cause of death.

The Art Deco Hamilton addition was added later, and was probably still under construction when Houdini passed through.

Now it is used as a private music school.

Wagon doors where the hearses originally came in.

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