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The Crystal Ballroom, 3100 Woodward at Watson. 1919 ballroom with stores on the ground floor, as was the trend for area ballrooms. Originally constructed by Hugh Chalmers. Currently owned by Belmar Development.

The 1930’s Deco facade is yellow sandstone.

The ground floor was mixed use retail and some small offices.

There was a small grocery store in the lower corner of the building.

All this was scraped out and abated a couple years ago.

In a couple areas, the original ballroom doorways are still intact


The original pre-1930’2 portion of the ballroom is toward the back

The front portion of the ballroom, and the Woodward facade of the structure were added in the 1930’s when Woodward was widened. A new Art Deco facade was added at that time.

This building and the neighboring building, the Art School of the Society of Arts and Crafts (razed) were at one time owned by some type of taxicab company.

The Crystal Ballroom is being carefully restored for future loft/condo development.

5 Responses to The Crystal Ballroom

  • Was this ballroom also host to rock acts in the 60’s-70’s, like the Grande and the Vanity? Great stuff as usual, dFUNK!

  • Glad they are restoring some of these buildings – at least they are being cared for and spared the wrecking ball. Great work as always dfunk :) You should create a book one day, you have terrific insight and a great eye.

  • That’d be a great place for a dance studio or drama school… glad it’s being restored either way. =)

  • in my opinion, the brick background on your site is a little too busy and takes away from your pics.

    otherwise, love the site.

  • Well, with all these condo’s and lofts, all these people need something to do. Why not restore some of these ballrooms to music venue’s! Such as the Grande.