not all those who wander are lost

Burning plastic coated wire to get at scrap copper. You see smoke from scrapper fires all the time along the railroad tracks near Eastern Market.

5 Responses to The Copper Scrapper

  • “are you motherfuckin crazy taking my picture you motherfucker” is what I believe he yelled.


  • “Stay back, stay back … this smoke is toxic, I sure as heck wouldn’t want you to damage your lungs.”

    That’s what he was saying … for sure :)

  • Closer, closer, closer…

    You had me sweating virtual bullets there, dfunk. I don’t know if I’d creep up on a deed going down like that without Smith AND Wesson by my side!

    How about a nice, safe photo essay on bumble bees hovering over ghetto palms? Be careful, man.

  • Well you can see by the cropping on the last photo I was actually pretty far removed. Not exactly a friendly bunch though….

  • Proof that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. At lesst he wasn’t hacking off the bronze edifice of a historical monument. He looked surprised – was there any conflict?

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