now with even more funk !

Burning plastic coated wire to get at scrap copper. You see smoke from scrapper fires all the time along the railroad tracks near Eastern Market.

5 Responses to The Copper Scrapper

  • “are you motherfuckin crazy taking my picture you motherfucker” is what I believe he yelled.


  • “Stay back, stay back … this smoke is toxic, I sure as heck wouldn’t want you to damage your lungs.”

    That’s what he was saying … for sure :)

  • Closer, closer, closer…

    You had me sweating virtual bullets there, dfunk. I don’t know if I’d creep up on a deed going down like that without Smith AND Wesson by my side!

    How about a nice, safe photo essay on bumble bees hovering over ghetto palms? Be careful, man.

  • Well you can see by the cropping on the last photo I was actually pretty far removed. Not exactly a friendly bunch though….

  • Proof that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. At lesst he wasn’t hacking off the bronze edifice of a historical monument. He looked surprised – was there any conflict?

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