not all those who wander are lost

This is the Argonaut Building in New Center.

Now property of College for Creative Studies, and being revamped head to toe. With a proper graduate school facility, CCS now poses a serious challenge to both the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Cranbrook for the first time in its history.

2 Responses to The Argonaut Building

  • Ah yes David – but one has to wonder how said student made it to college without that basic skill eh ? It is not CCS who is responsible for basic spacial measurement aptitudes, that would be our public school system.

    A shocking number of high school seniors have no idea how to read a simple scale (ruler) or how to take a measurement using one.

    All that aside, yeah – I think the new school has completely different academic requirements. I, on the other hand, would be satisfied if they had a requirement which mandated that students have some sort of artistic ability. This institution is all too happy to take money from untalented fools.

  • I hope that CCS’ advances over the years have included some improvements in the academic standards. I still remember my mom describing a CCS classmate back in the 1980s who literally didn’t know how to use a ruler.

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