not all those who wander are lost

I love the kiosks all around town – they direct you down the streets that received the most clean up for the event. LOL

Heres a map of all the closed streets – all of the streets are closed…heh.

I hope folks from out of town arent supposed to think thingys like this are here all the time ! Naw – this arch was slapped up just for this week. Next week itll be who-knows-where. Maybe the scappers will nab it.

Im confused by all the tents everywhere. Its like they are so afraid that vistors will be cold, they are trying to tent in the entire downtown !

The City spent a bundle refurbing the facade of the empty National Theater for this game – but the giant tents cover it up…..Whatever – Im glad they did work on the National – its really an amazing building.

Welcome to Detroit – land of the Tent People !

We just spend the cold winters in tents up here……Actually its warm and rainy so far this month – LMAO !

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